There  may be times when you move home or office and your new property is not ready to move in to, you are travelling overseas or maybe renting  your property out and want to put your belongings somewhere dry, safe  and secure.  You may of sold your home and have many months or weeks or  even a few days until you are able to move in.  This is where storage  comes in.

All your furniture and personal items will be placed within a secure storage warehouse or within containerised storage spaces where they will  be kept safe, secure, clean and dry so that you have one less problem to worry about.

Cost for storage can vary depending on how much physical space you need and  how long you will need storage.  Over the past years we have forged a  close working relationship with a local storage company that can offer  clean, secure and dry storage at an excellent rate ensuring that you  wont be paying some of the high costs that some storage companies charge.

Your items will need to be insured whilst they are in storage but we will discuss that with you when arranging the removal.

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